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Selling a house as is with limited funds can be challenging. Especially if the house needs a lot of repairs or when going through a difficult situation. Owners can find themselves thinking, “I need to sell my house fast, with no upfront cost” but this is easier said than done. Needing to sell a house fast to move on with your life or change locations after separation, divorce, job loss or the loss of a loved one, is even harder. Most sellers prefer to sell a house for cash so they can move on with their lives quickly, but unconditional cash offers are few and far between. Paying bills can be challenging enough without the additional cost of advertising or repairs. Using agents, selling the house themselves, and dealing with home opens isn’t for everyone. But there is an alternative.

Read on to see how someone who needed to sell a house as-is, gained the freedom they desired with no upfront cost

Maybe you can relate?  The owner had a stable job, an average car and a house that was built with plans of transforming it into her ideal home. Over the years her values changed and eventually she felt tied down by her property. She wanted to be free to travel and explore Western Australia, Australia, and possibly the world, making money along the way. She wanted to spend time in the great outdoors, instead of being stuck indoors at work. Tired of dreaming about her ideal life she didn’t want to wait any longer.


Although she decided to pursue her dreams, turning them into reality was an overwhelming challenge. Owners of burdensome properties often ask themselves how to sell a house quickly with minimal upfront cost. After a change of circumstance and no longer having the income she once had, she was determined to know the answer. She wanted to sell the house asap, buy a camper van and hit the open road. Having limited funds to cover the costs of home ownership such as mortgage repayments, council rates, water rates and insurance was proving to be difficult. The property was run-down and the cost of making it presentable to sell quickly for a good price plus the cost of advertising had the owner concerned. Slowly but surely the cash ran out, but the bills kept coming. Eventually credit-card then car-loan and ultimately mortgage repayments were missed before creditors started chasing their funds. House repossession and bankruptcy became a possibility. Worse than that was the fear of not being able to travel and start a new life.

Maybe your situation is different – maybe you have a debt that you simply can’t shake or debt collectors are hounding you or trying to make you bankrupt. Maybe you want to change locations or move on with your life, but haven’t been able to sell. Everyone’s story is different, but when you’re on a limited budget and need to sell a house quickly, property and debts can be hard to deal with. Especially when maintenance or repairs are required.

The property was a mess and becoming a burden. Pets had damaged the carpets and furniture while the house and garden maintenance had become overwhelming. Not quite the well-presented home that buyers dream of snapping up. There were urgent repairs required but not enough funds to do them. There were plumbing issues including a broken hot water system, the garage door no longer worked, fly screen and security door locks were broken, a pest inspection hadn’t been done in years, rats had gotten into the roof and ants were an issue too. The house needed painting, the carpet was worn, some lights were faulty & the yards were overgrown with weeds. There were quite a few issues mounting along with the cost to fix them.

The owner was concerned about people coming to the house, especially in the state it was in. She didn’t have the money to repair the property to bring it up to a quality standard. She also couldn’t move on with her life unless the house was sold and the mortgage and debts were gone.


People wanting to sell a house fast don’t need the added worry of not having the funds or ability to carry out repairs. They just want to move on with their lives asap. When the owner called My Property Options, she wasn’t sure if we could help, but was curious nevertheless. She couldn’t afford the up-front cost of advertising or making the house presentable and didn’t want to engage real estate agents, sell it herself or host regular home opens. We saw the potential in renovating the property and offered her a way to move forward in days or weeks instead of months or years.

We offered a solution that worked for her and came to an agreement that both sides were happy with.


We offered to take care of all of the owner’s property related responsibilities, including ALL of her debts, buy her a fully insured camper van and provide her with enough cash so she could realise her dream of travelling immediately. We agreed that My Property Options would be pay all the owner’s debts and be responsible for the property and all related expenses. We would clear out, repair and renovate the property with the intention of selling the house fast and achieving a good price.

After the property sale, the mortgage would be paid out, along with settlement and real estate agent fees. We would also be reimbursed for any money we paid the owner and expenses we incurred, with any profit to be shared between the owner & ourselves.

The owner was happy and accepted our offer as it gave her the freedom to move on with her life quickly, with no upfront cost. For her, that was better than working out how to sell a house quickly with no upfront cost.

We gave the owner the ability to pay out her debts, realise her dream of travelling immediately, sell the house and make a profit. We then prepared and signed the paperwork, helped her purchase the camper van of her choice, ensured she had enough funds to travel & exchanged keys a few days afterwards. She was now free and travelling on the open road while we renovated the house.


The property looked stunning after the renovation and was transformed from a cluttered run-down house into a fresh and modern home. It was also staged with stylish furniture which made it present like a display home. Every room had been updated and it now had street appeal. It took around 5 months from the time we signed the contracts until the property settled.

Our real estate agent received 3 offers from buyers all desperate to own the home after only 1 home open. Due to the demand, the offers ended up higher than the asking price. An offer with solid finance approval was accepted, although as is quite often the case, bank finance took a few weeks longer than expected.

We are still in contact with the previous owner and love hearing of her adventures from time to time.

For us, not only did we able help the owner achieve her goals and move forward with her life, but we also made a profit. We enjoy the challenge of creating solutions that give owners of burdensome properties the freedom that they’re seeking.


If your house has become a burden and you’re thinking “I need to sell my house fast”, feel free call us or fill out the form on this page.

Our offers won’t suit everyone, but you are free to decide for yourself. We use flexible strategies for different situations to solve people’s problems and give them more choice. We’ll never pressure you and if we can’t help, we’ll try to refer you onto someone who can. If you need to sell a house as is without the hassle or cost of repairs, consider an offer from us. Our offers have helped others with burdensome homes and we would be happy to help with yours too.


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