About Us

My Property Options is a real estate investment business based out of Perth, Western Australia.

The business was formed back in 2016 after its founder Drew Reynolds and his wife Dana experienced mortgage stress while trying to sell in a declining market. The pressure of their mortgage repayments became too much. They found themselves thinking I need to sell my house quickly, what’s the trick to selling my house fast & began searching for tips on selling a house fast. Although they kept thinking I need a cash offer for my house now, they knew investors had the potential to give them either a cash offer, or a creative offer to purchase.

The question was, how to find the investors? They knew they weren’t alone and that other property owners are looking for offers from investors as an alternative solution. The idea for My Property Options was born. As property investors, we provide sellers with obligation free offers on their property, no matter the circumstance or condition of the property.

If your property has become a burden and you’re thinking, if only I could sell my house to investors, FOR ANY REASON AT ALL, we appreciate how you feel. We may be able to structure an offer to suit your situation. We’re interested in all types of properties, including houses, apartments, buildings, land, and commercial properties, in any condition.

Our creative purchase offers utilise option contracts. These contracts give us the potential to create better outcomes for some property owners & the ability to use various investment strategies. Depending on the property & owner’s circumstance, we may renovate to hold or sell, subdivide, develop, build, hold as a rental, collaborate with other investors, or assign the option.

So if you’re thinking, I need to sell my property, no matter the condition or circumstance, we aim for a win/win outcome with you.
Just click here and we’ll get an offer to you.

Job Loss

If you have recently lost your job and are thinking I need to sell my house, you may need an offer to purchase your property. Click here and we'll get one to you asap.

Facing Bankruptcy or Foreclosure

If you’re under tremendous mortgage stress due to mortgage default, received a notice of default, in pre-foreclosure or facing bank foreclosure and potential house repossession, if you cannot stay on top of your debt or are simply tired of paying for your property and have been thinking of letting it go, our offer to purchase could be the answer for you. Bankruptcy affects your credit rating for years afterwards, therefore selling your house in order to avoid foreclosure could be a good solution. Sometimes after mortgage foreclosure, house repossession and subsequent mortgagee sale, the cost of bank fees, interest, legal fees, marketing & real estate agent’s fees mean there is little or no money left after the mortgage has been paid. Acting before it gets to this stage is key. If you can’t pay your mortgage and are facing mortgage foreclosure, the decision to sell your home, or avoid bankruptcy to protect your credit score before the bank issues a writ to repossess your house could be a wise one. Not only could it save you a lot of money but also the implications that come with facing foreclosure & bankruptcy. We are local investors. Our offer to purchase your property may be the perfect solution. If you need an offer for your property, click here.


In today’s economy, divorce can be costly. Both the financial & emotional impact on you and your kids (if you have any) can be tremendous. Splitting up your finances during a separation or divorce property settlement is hard enough without the added stresses that selling a property brings. Moving out, getting your property inspection ready, agreeing on an agent, waiting for an offer, negotiating the offer without disagreements between you and your ex, then finally settling after what could be a long, drawn out, subject to finance offer and settlement period, can seem like an impossible task amid all the other stress. Many people in this situation choose to deal with investors like us. We take your circumstances into consideration and can give flexible offers without you having to make the house presentable or carry out repairs, even if there is little to no equity. Click here to get an offer on your property.

Moving Out of State or Overseas

When relocating there is often a deadline or an event such as starting a new job that can bring added pressure. When combined with factors such as selling in a down market or stricter lending criteria, the job of finding a buyer for your property becomes even more challenging. If selling in a buyer’s market there are usually many homes on the market at low prices giving buyers lots of inventory to choose from. Tighter bank regulations make it more difficult for people to loans making your job of selling at a reasonable price, in a reasonable time frame, a little bit harder.
Considering an offer from property investors like ourselves could result in a less stressful move or even prevent you from missing out on opportunities that exists elsewhere. Just click here to see if our offer suits you.

Inherited an Unwanted Property

Sometimes when a loved one passes away still owning a home, you may end up being the new homeowner. Grieving is both emotional & stressful enough, without the burden of extra responsibilities and costs that can come with owning a rental property. Costly repairs and maintenance, difficult tenants, council and water rates, insurances or the extra workload that property management brings may be too much to deal with. If you need to of sell an inherited property, click here to see if our offer for your property is the solution.

Fill out the contact us form, or give us an obligation free call any time. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and hope that our offer for your property can provide you with a potential solution. We aim to treat people as we like to be treated. That way you’re more likely to recommend us to someone you know.

Statement by -
Advanced Construction & Developments Pty Ltd trading as My Property Options.
We are not real estate agents.
We do not charge a fee if you sell your property.
We do not act on your behalf and do not provide advice to you in relation to the sale of your property.
We do not provide advice to you as to the value of your property.
If you want advice then you must seek it from your own advisers.
In any transaction we will be acting for ourselves.
If we are granted an option to purchase your property we may assign the benefit of that option to another party.